My Takeaways From Fixing My Laptop In Bali – A Little Perspective…Lessons From My Broken Computer In Bali

computer repair Yikes -it crapped out in Russia! From what I hear there really just ain’t alot of English spoken there! Why is this so funny…because I hung up not knowing anything knew about my laptop but man were they cracking up on the other side of the phone. Besides, so it is the story of a Florida girl who left her home to travel solo globally. Although, it can be this panic moment whenthe laptop breaks, it was actually pretty cheap to fix. Now please pay attention. Itcould really might be useful to have that third, the timing of yours breaking was just terrible. I want to ask you a question. Is that your book and beer in the photo?

It really could’ve been worse -I was preparing myself to go buy a wholenew one! As for the book -yep! Bummer about the Computer. Hope it didn’t cost you even when you were probably stressed about the computer. We had that happend the day after we got back from Nepal and had to fly to France. Now we have 3 laptops and we are much poorer. Generally, it sucks when it just won’t turn on. We were told it was a $ 1400 fix here in Canada so we carried on buying a completely new one. Seriously. We took it across the border to Buffalo and had it fixed in a week for $ 300 buck, when we got home.

Ohhh, now this post cracked me up!!

computer repairHeavens!

Portugal and doing best in order to get internet set up in our apartment without any English between us. Glad that you got it figured out in Portugal -I found that unless I wasjust willing to keep a smile on my face and a feeling of humor that it couldhave turned incredibly frustrating really fast! You should take this seriously. Thailand and they fixed it for mealso within hours and for about 50 bucks! It is sounds like you stayed calm and got it fixed right a way, that is way better than anything that I will do. Your computer works, you probably got some reading done and you’re a few words richer. Perhaps this means that the worst of your Bali experience is over now and it might be smooth sailing from now on out!